SCADA system without limits

Open, scalable, efficient

In SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture from Siemens, BHS Control Systems uses a leading, open-interface software program that enables a wide range of components to be integrated. The platform-neutral SCADA system is fully scalable, allowing solutions to be tailored to the customer’s exact requirements and end-to-end object orientation makes engineering efficient.

The SCADA system that offers more

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems help to monitor and control automated processes. SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture has significantly more to offer than comparable software programs. From automation through to management, perfectly customized solutions can be implemented.

Thanks to the extensive range integration options and interfaces, a wide selection of hardware components can be integrated and exchange data with all common archiving and database systems.

Modern plants are constantly aligned to new requirements. WinCC OA can be adapted and grows with the required expansions to the plant – with no limitations. This means that WinCC Open Architecture is fully scalable, from small, single-user systems for operating machines to networked high-end systems.

Siemens is constantly upgrading WinCC Open Architecture. For example, native video management systems have now been integrated.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Open-interface architecture
  • Individually tailored solutions
  • Highly complex plants and processes can be visualized
  • Fully scalable
  • Platform-neutral solution
  • Continuous development and a sound investment for the future

Platform-independent software

Platform-neutral solution


Platform-neutral solution

WinCC Open Architecture is a platform-neutral solution available for Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. It also provides the following advantages:

  • Virtual machines can be used
  • A mix of operating systems can be implemented within a project
  • Native clients are available for all supported operating systems
  • Native clients (apps) are available for mobile devices

Siemens Solution Partner

Official Siemens Solution Partner

Siemens - Solution Partner Emblem.psd

Official Siemens Solution Partner

BHS Control Systems has been officially listed as a Solution Partner since March 2021 and has thus joined Siemens’ global network of suppliers who deliver according to uniform quality standards. This was made possible by our outstanding application and system know-how, excellent industry knowledge, and extensive project experience in the field of control automation.

BHS Control Systems uses SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture, a fully scalable, platform-neutral SCADA system from Siemens, to implement innovative control solutions for its customers. As a long-standing partner of Siemens, BHS Control Systems has now been certified and officially put on the global partner list as a solution partner in the field of control automation. Customers benefit since thanks to continuous qualification and certification measures, BHS is always up to date as regards any and all new developments of WinCC.

Success stories

Modernization of the Interquell feed mill is complete

March 2022
The German animal feed manufacturer Interquell and BHS Control Systems look back on a ten-year partnership. In the fall 2021, Interquell successfully completed connecting all of its machinery to the modern control solution from BHS Control Systems and harmonized its entire production – from incoming raw materials to shipping.

Smart control solution for mobile Biogrinder plant

February 2021
BHS Control Systems designed an intelligent control solution for a mobile Biogrinder plant in northern Germany. The plant from BHS-Sonthofen efficiently shreds excess compost and delivers a substance that is suitable as an environmentally friendly peat substitute. The control solution supports the custom production process by allowing various parameters to be adapted as needed.

Modernization of the control system in an animal feed mill in Neu-Ulm

January 2021
KAMA-Kraftfutterwerk is located in Senden, near Neu-Ulm, Germany, and has relied on the expert support from BHS Control Systems for years. The collaboration began in 2012 with the construction of a second plant. BHS Control Systems installed all of the control technology for the new mixed feed system, consisting of hammer mills, press system, batch mixers, silos, and unloading points – and makes sure all of the necessary updates and adaptations are performed. The control technology in the old plant is now also being gradually modernized – this project is being carried over the longer term and during operations.

From three to five – New packaging lines for Scheller Mühle

December 2020
BHS Control Systems assisted traditional company Scheller Mühle, located in Reisgang in Upper Bavaria, in expanding its packaging lines in 2019. Scheller, known for its blue “Mehlzauber” packaging, operates a mill in Reisgang near Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm. The company uses two milling systems to offer an extensive range of different, high-quality flour and semolina types in both the conventional and certified organic varieties. BHS Control Systems has been working with Scheller on its control technology for ten years.

Expansion and replacement of mixed feed production plants in Upper Bavaria

December 2020
Comparable processes can be found in almost all animal feed mills in mixed feed manufacturing. That said, all of steps in the technical process control can still differ depending on the company’s specific requirements. As a result, there is a wide range of customized solutions out there that aim to provide farmers with high-quality and cost-effective mixed feed tailored to the needs of their animals. When it comes to expanding and and replacing control systems of mixed feed plants, producers benefit from industry-specific experience and customized control and automation technology of BHS Control Systems.

Sophisticated control of recycling separation technology with BHS Control Systems

November 2020
From incinerator bottom ash to metal concentrates ready for sale: At a Danish recycling company, the sophisticated sorting process to make this happen runs almost autonomously thanks to a control system from BHS Control Systems. Implemented as a prototype, this project turned out to be a resounding success: Ever since commissioning, the control system has been running to the customer’s complete satisfaction.

The control system at an organic animal feed manufacturer receives upgrade

November 2020
Organic-grade farm animal feed is the secret to success for an animal feed manufacturer in Lower Franconia in Bavaria. The high expectations of its customers require a modern production operation that is always up to date. That’s why the manufacturer has a strong partner at its side to perform the necessary updates to the control systems. BHS Control Systems updated the control systems entirely according to the customer’s wishes over a weekend. This keeps the downtimes of the machines to a minimum.

Step-by-step modernization of a feed plant

October 2020
Feed producers are often traditional companies with a long corporate history, which is also reflected in the highly heterogeneous machine landscape. Interquell, a large producer of feed for pets and small animals based in the Bavarian town of Wehringen, wants to harmonize the control technology of its entire production, from the receipt of raw materials goods all the way to shipping. One of the key advantages is that operation of the systems becomes much easier for employees. BHS Control Systems has been helping the customer to continuously modernize their processes for around ten years. Among other benefits, the control solution of the feed manufacturer delivers industry-specific libraries and functions that ensure the compatibility of ingredients, for example.

Mill in Allgäu strives for continuous improvement in production

October 2020
Expansion measures at animal feed mills always require the mill control system to be adapted: new control cabinets, additional frequency converters, software updates. With the assistance of BHS Control Systems, Weissachmühle, a mill operator in Allgäu, Germany, quickly and easily implemented these extensive measures following the installation of a hammer mill.

Mill retrofitting with construction of a new concrete silo

August 2020
Construction measures at a mill always have an influence on the control system – a large mill company from northern Bavaria once again relied on the proven support provided by BHS Control Systems for the construction of a new concrete silo. This is because the solutions from BHS Control Systems are precisely tailored to the needs of the milling industry, no matter whether the project is to construct a new concrete silo or to modernize existing control systems. Plus, BHS performs all of the adaptations while operations are ongoing.


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