Mill retrofitting with construction of a new concrete silo

August 2020

The reference at a glance


Construction of a new silo and continuous modernization measures


Plant control system based on WinCC OA

Operating site

Northern Bavaria, Germany






Step-by-step implementation of new industry-specific plant control systems based on the WinCC OA software.

Construction measures at a mill always have an influence on the control system – a large mill company from northern Bavaria once again relied on the proven support provided by BHS Control Systems for the construction of a new concrete silo. This is because the solutions from BHS Control Systems are precisely tailored to the needs of the milling industry, no matter whether the project is to construct a new concrete silo or to modernize existing control systems. Plus, BHS performs all of the adaptations while operations are ongoing.

The company has relied on BHS Control Systems’ expertise for years – for both updating its existing control systems and for retrofitting and expanding its production operation. BHS Control Systems is also providing guidance in all things control technology as part of an ongoing construction project for a new concrete silo. One of the core competences in this guidance is maintaining traceability at all times during the retrofitting and modernization work taking place during operations. BHS has incorporated the characteristics of the new silo and the solution provided will automatically calculate which batch placed in the silo is processed and when, ensuring each individual product can be traced as per the legal requirements.

The new control systems are being installed and the existing one is being updated at the mill while its around-the-clock operation continues to function as normal. This means that both the old and new control systems are in operation at the same time and components are being gradually replaced and updated step by step. This prevents any information from being lost.

Solutions from BHS Control Systems are always tailored to the respective industry and customer. SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture is used as part of this – a fully scalable, platform-neutral SCADA system from Siemens. The special thing here is that BHS Control Systems supplemented this with numerous libraries for mill operation.