Step-by-step modernization of a feed plant

September 2020

The reference at a glance


Modernization of all plant control systems at Interquell


Plant control based on the WinCC OA SCADA system

Operating site

Wehringen, Augsburg District, Germany




Feed production


Step-by-step implementation of new industry-specific plant control systems based on the WinCC OA software.

Feed producers are often traditional companies with a long corporate history, which is also reflected in the highly heterogeneous machine landscape. Interquell, a large producer of feed for pets and small animals based in the Bavarian town of Wehringen, wants to harmonize the control technology of its entire production, from the receipt of raw materials goods all the way to shipping. One of the key advantages is that operation of the systems becomes much easier for employees. BHS Control Systems has been helping the customer to continuously modernize their processes for around ten years. Among other benefits, the control solution of the feed manufacturer delivers industry-specific libraries and functions that ensure the compatibility of ingredients, for example.

The production landscape of the manufacturer of feed for pets and small animals such as dogs, cats, and ornamental fish has grown organically over many years and is therefore extremely heterogeneous. Any system or process, including extruders, mills, packaging machines, and goods receiving, uses different control systems. This makes it difficult for employees, who need to know how to operate all these different controls. In addition, older control systems do not offer (adequate) functions to meet modern requirements, for example with regard to traceability.

For this reason, the Bavarian manufacturer started to partner with BHS Control Systems ten years ago. The control system expert continuously carries out modernization measures, such as installing new control systems and updating existing systems. BHS Control Systems uses industry-specific solutions based on programmable logic controllers (PLC) to deliver transparent process visualization and an intuitive operating concept. The base technology is the open and fully scalable WinCC OA software from Siemens, which is supplemented by numerous libraries for feed production or mill operation. Among other things, these special libraries ensure the compatibility of ingredients and the traceability required by law. Moreover, Interquell generates business intelligence reports in order to trace batches and optimize transport routes, to name but a few applications.

Standardizing all controls makes it easier for employees to operate all machines with ease, even across lines. The user-friendly interface has several security levels, which means that operators have access to a different set of functions than shift supervisors, for example. Operation instruction by BHS takes place on site during commissioning. Extensive manuals as well as training courses answer all questions concerning operation and the function range.

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