Modernization of the control system at KAMA-Futter in Neu-Ulm

January 2021

The reference at a glance


Construction of a new plant and modernization work for the existing plant


Plant control based on the WinCC OA SCADA system as a control software

Operating site

Senden near Neu-Ulm (Bavaria), Germany




KAMA produces mixed feed for a range of different animals.


Implementation of industry-specific plant control systems to modernize an animal feed mill with outdated control technology

For many years now, KAMA-Kraftfutterwerk Karl Mansdörfer GmbH & Co. KG, based in Senden near Neu-Ulm, has relied on the expert support from BHS Control Systems.The collaboration began in 2012 with the construction of a second plant. BHS Control Systems installed all of the control technology for the new mixed feed system, consisting of hammer mills, press system, batch mixers, silos, and unloading points – and makes sure all of the necessary updates and adaptations are performed. The control technology in the old plant is now also being gradually modernized – this project is being carried over the longer term and during operations.

KAMA has been manufacturing high-quality animal feed for cattle, veal calves, pigs, poultry, rabbits, horses, and other species for over 80 years. The traditional company has been relying on the expertise of BHS’ control software experts for almost a decade. The collaboration started with a major project – KAMA built another plant with a mixed feed system and needed modern control technology for all its production processes, from receiving to loading the finished animal feed pellets. BHS Control Systems supplied and installed the technical systems KAMA needed and continues to provide support for them. BHS was not only responsible for the regular updates, but also expansion measures such as the increase from one to a total of three presses during operation. The outdated control systems are now also being gradually replaced in the original plant at the same time.

BHS Control Systems has been listed as a Siemens Solution Partner for some time now and uses the WinCC Open Architecture SCADA system as a basis – an open and fully scalable software.  The customized, industry-specific solutions comprise a programmable logic controller (PLC) to deliver transparent process visualization and an intuitive operating concept. The special thing in this case is that BHS Control Systems supplemented the software with numerous libraries for animal feed manufacturing and mill operation.

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