The control system at an organic animal feed manufacturer receives upgrade

November 2020

The reference at a glance


Comprehensive, rapid update for an organic animal feed manufacturer’s existing control system


Plant control system based on WinCC OA V 3.15 software

Operating site

Lower Franconia (Bavaria), Germany




Organic animal feed manufacture


A plant control system was updated over the course of a 48-hour period

Organic-grade farm animal feed is the secret to success for an animal feed manufacturer in Lower Franconia in Bavaria. The high expectations of its customers require a modern production operation that is always up to date. That’s why the manufacturer has a strong partner at its side to perform the necessary updates to the control systems. BHS Control Systems updated the control systems entirely according to the customer’s wishes over a weekend. This keeps the downtimes of the machines to a minimum.

Whether it’s poultry, cattle, or pigs – the animal feed manufacturer focuses on providing organic quality when it comes to feeding farm animals. It has to pay special attention to traceability and high product quality to ensure its products receive organic certification. That’s why BHS Control Systems ensures that its control systems are up to date. In 2020, a major update was carried out to upgrade the old PVS 2.12.1 control software to the WinCC Open Architecture Version 3.15 SCADA system from Siemens. The connection to goods management systems was also modernized. The system was updated over a weekend to ensure that downtime was kept to a minimum. Production could gradually be restarted first thing on Monday morning.

As an organic animal feed manufacturer, the company places particular demand on what the software solution can offer in terms of traceability. The highly customized setting could continue to be used after the extensive update had been performed. BHS Control Systems always implements individually tailored control solutions based on WinCC OA and via programmable logic controllers (PLC).