The right control system for your industry

Efficient control solutions for complete plants and plant units with industry expertise

Industry-specific control and automation technology

BHS Control Systems develops efficient control solutions for complete plants and plant units. This control and automation technology is not only used in plants from BHS-Sonthofen – with around 30 years of experience, we are partners for companies from a wide range of industries, including the grain, milling, food, and animal feed industries as well as the recycling and environment sector.

Grain & Milling technology

Optimal control solutions for grain and milling technology thanks to 30 years of industry experience.

Food technology

Excellent process knowledge guarantees customized control solutions for food technology.

Animal feed technology

Efficient control solutions for the animal feed industry are created on the foundation of expert knowledge.


Customized control solutions for silos that have been proven for decades.

Recycling & Environment

A wealth of process expertise paired with customized control solutions for new plants and plant modernizations.