Smart control solution for mobile Biogrinder plant

February 2021

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Control solution for a mobile Biogrinder plant (peat substitute)


Implementation of an intelligent control system based on SIMATIC S7 for a mobile plant using the BHS Biogrinder of type RBG 08.

Operating site

Northern Germany




Processing of surplus compost material as a peat substitute for potting soils.


After conducting tests with the surplus compost material, a mobile Biogrinder plant with an intelligent control solution was planned, designed, and built.

BHS Control Systems designed an intelligent control solution for a mobile Biogrinder plant in northern Germany. The plant from BHS-Sonthofen efficiently shreds excess compost and delivers a substance that is suitable as an environmentally friendly peat substitute. The control solution supports the custom production process by allowing various parameters to be adapted as needed.

A customer of BHS uses surplus compost material that was previously disposed of as waste to produce a substitute that can be added to peat. As a result, the amount of peat extracted from wetlands is reduced significantly. Intensive shredding and defibration of the material is required to achieve the consistency of peat. To do so, BHS conducted several tests on the BHS Biogrinder of type RBG 08 using the respective material and customized the machine to meet the specific requirements. As a result, the Biogrinder efficiently processes organic waste and homogenizes the material.

BHS Control Systems designed a tailor-made control solution based on SIMATIC S7 for this individual process. A feature that makes the mobile Biogrinder plant stand out is that both feed and discharge are adjusted based on the machine’s specific load.

“Despite the continuous process, the material must be kept in the machine for a certain amount of time in order to achieve the desired product quality,” says Reinhold Jäger, Area Sales Manager of the Recycling & Environment division at BHS-Sonthofen. “And this is why it is important that all components are optimally coordinated with each other. The parameters can be precisely defined depending on the shredding result and throughput rate thanks to the intuitive and intelligent control system.” Customers benefit above all from a clear process visualization that maps all components.