Expansion and replacement of mixed feed production plants in Upper Bavaria

December 2020

The reference at a glance


Plant expansion and control system replacement for an animal feed manufacturer


Plant control based on the WinCC OA SCADA system as a control software

Operating site

Upper Bavaria, Germany




Mixed feed to which specific components are added


Implementation of a new micro-component plant and new industry-specific plant control system based on WinCC OA software

Comparable processes can be found in almost all animal feed mills in mixed feed manufacturing. That said, all of steps in the technical process control can still differ depending on the company’s specific requirements. As a result, there is a wide range of customized solutions out there that aim to provide farmers with high-quality and cost-effective mixed feed tailored to the needs of their animals. When it comes to expanding and and replacing control systems of mixed feed plants, producers benefit from industry-specific experience and customized control and automation technology of BHS Control Systems.

Mixed feed, that is, feed consisting of at least two individual feedstuffs, is formulated so that it covers the specific nutritional requirements of the various farm animals or pets. That’s why the production of these compound feeds focuses mainly on adding micro-components. Minerals and vitamins must be measured out precisely and weighed before they can be mixed with the macro components.

BHS Control Systems proved to be the perfect partner to implement a new micro-component dosing system at the production site of a feed producer in Upper Bavaria. The control system for the entire plant was replaced and the control software was updated in addition to the separate machine being functionally integrated into the production plant. The challenge was that all of these measures took place largely in parallel. This meant that the software had to be compatible with both the old and the new control system.

BHS Control Systems always implements individually customized control solutions for its customers – and this ambitious project was no exception. As a Solution Partner of Siemens, it uses the fully scalable WinCC Open Architecture software as part of this. Thanks to WinCC OA, the software update, which was performed at the same time, was compatible with both the old and the new control system, meaning there were no long production downtimes. Furthermore, BHS Control Systems took care of the complete commissioning, including the cabling for the plant and the control cabinets. With numerous libraries for animal feed production, the manufacturer will also be able to quickly and easily ensure the compatibility of ingredients and additives in the future.