BHS Control Systems relies on safety solution from Siemens

September 7, 2022
Safety is always the number one priority wherever man and machine come together. However, integrating new safety technology into existing IT systems often poses a challenge. That is why BHS Control Systems will use Siemens’ comprehensive and flexible “SIMATIC Safety Integrated” safety solution in more projects in the future.

The package consists of the Siemens Safety PLC (CPU 1500F) as well as the field components for all signals (ET200SP including safety modules). The software that comes with it is the powerful TIA V17, including safety module. The certified modules from Siemens comply with all standards and are easy to connect to the control and automation solutions from BHS Control Systems.

A streamlined solution for every industry
Siemens Safety Integrated offers a wide range of advantages that are the direct result of how streamlined the solution is. It only requires one control system, one library and one network. It could not be simpler to connect all the important safety signals and devices. Devices no longer have to be wired into the control cabinet, and the connection is established directly via the safe modules of the ET200SP that is wired in the field. In addition, frequency converters can be controlled directly via ProfiSafe, thus eliminating a substantial amount of the electrical wiring needed in the control cabinet.

The flexible, digital path into the future
Siemens Safety Integrated evolves with the production environment it is in and the new requirements that arise. For example, changes in safety procedures that had to be wired manually in emergency stop chains can now be made conveniently on the screen – and from anywhere. Supervisors and operators can connect to the password-protected TIA V17 program via remote access. Any adjustments are tested in advance thanks to the simulation function. Thomas Schön from BHS Control Systems is impressed by the advantages that this pioneering system has to offer: “We are already looking forward to adding the functionalities that Siemens Safety Integrated provides to our control solution in the upcoming project.”